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In Memoriam, Professor V.K. Choudhry – Astroview

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: Welcome to the new Noel Tyl Forums. Home Help Search Login Register. Author Topic: V. James Williams Hero Member Posts: Godspeed to Vinod Kumar Choudhry, who made his transition yesterday, August 11, This may be the correct birth information for V.

Choudhry, but I am not completely certain.


Thank you, Shri V. It has already been taken by him, although he has not yet embarked on it.

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For time but seems to go in one direction. We undertake a journey that is over. I compare the strengths of planets in the chart to the planets that can also be seen in the palm, confirming much. All of this gives me a full picture of what is going on with you!

John Fyfe is the recipient from India of the Jyotish Kovid, a prestigious award given for Service to others in the field of Vedic Astrology. You can find his talks on YouTube and link to his blogs on Facebook.

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In Memoriam, Professor V.K. Choudhry

Systems' approach; 4. Impact of mysterious Rahu; 5.

Impact of mysterious Ketu; 6. Impact of exalted functional malefic planets; 7. Inter-relationship of planets; 8. Delineating results of debilitated planets; 9. Delineating personality; Delineating educational accomplishments; Delineating assets in life; Delineating marital significations; Delineating longevity; Delineating general fortune; Delineating foreign travel; Remedial measures; Initiation of remedial measures; Mundane Vedic astrology; Frequently asked questions; Pearls of wisdom.

Comment : In the Preface, the authors have this to say: In the first edition [], the analysis of case studies had been based primarily on the functional nature of the planets. A classic book. The fourth edition is 97 pages longer than the third. Impact of ascending signs; 2. How to analyze a horoscope in 3 minutes; 3. Aries ascendant; 4. Taurus ascendant; 5. Gemini ascendant; 6. Cancer ascendant; 7. Leo ascendant; 8. Virgo ascendant; 9. Libra ascendant; Scorpio ascendant; Sagittarius ascendant; Capricorn ascendant; Aquarius ascendant; Pisces ascendant.

Comment : Each of the 12 ascendant signs are considered in detail. He shows how chart dynamics operate for each of the 12 ascendants. He also shows the proper kavach engravings to strengthen each of the ascendants. In writing these various notes about Prof. Choudhry, I have been greatly impressed by his work. The scope of study of divisional chart; 2.

Overall view of the horoscope; 3. Methodology to study divisional charts; 4. Analyzing debilitated planets; 5. Analyzing combust planets; 6.

Top Authors

Special reference to the main period of Ketu; 7. Remedial measures in the aid of astrology; 8. Analysis of Hora; 9. Analysis of Decanate; Analysis of Turyamsa; Analysis of Shashthamsa; Analysis of Sapthamsa; Analysis of Ashthamsa; Analysis of Navamsa; Analysis of Dasamsa; Comprehension of classical principles - Vargottama planets in their signs of debilitation, Exalted planets; Classics attribute good results to planets in the state of Vargottama amsa.

In case the planet is in its sign of debilitation, combust or weak on any other account, the planet fails to bestow the good results in its main or sub periods. A planet in its own decanate bestows good results relating to its significations in a chart while the one in its own navamsa makes one lucky.