Scorpio weekly horoscope 17 december

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope from 10th December - 17th December

Take your mind off it with a good book, a movie, or what have you on Friday. Leo July 22 - August Virgo August 23 - September Now through the weekend, aim for short, simple, economical, and efficient.

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Keep expectations real. Monday should prove smooth-running. You can feel an energy or confidence boost as the day finishes out. Starting Wednesday, the Scorpio sun helps you to get a better fix on it. Libra September 23 - October Friday brings the workweek to a relatively smooth finish. Family and the must-do list keep your weekend full to the brim. After work and into Tuesday, the stars hit an energy perk-it-up. Scorpio October 23 - November There is always another way to see it, say it, do it, or play it.

Step away from it Friday night and enjoy something entertaining. Well-placed effort is never wasted but it does you no good to force it, push yourself unnecessarily, or get knotted up about it. Saturday through Monday, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio keep you sharp and going strong. Sagittarius November 22 - December Timing is important.

Your Yearly Horoscope

Step in where necessary. Capricorn December 21 - January To the plus, an emotional connection is readily made. The Leo moon puts a positive spin on it.

Aquarius January 20 - February The Gemini moon keeps you going full tilt as the workweek finishes. Easygoing suits you well Friday night.

Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, December - VICE

Replenish and recharge. You stand to gain. Pisces February 18 - March Friday night, stay in; invite a friend or two over. Emotions and creative inspiration run the show. Good feedback comes your way. However, you use this, you will enjoy strong results.

Your Weekly Horoscope

This is a great time to start something completely different or new and to explore new horizons and avenues. Your confidence will propel you forward, and others will be amazed at how magnetic you truly can be. You enjoy spending, perhaps a little carelessly, on items that mean a lot to you. Scorpio can be sentimental and possessive too and as such collecting things can feel comforting.

Happiness comes from something new, such as a relationship, baby or career.

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