Aries daily horoscope february 27

A lucky energy is in the air this morning and plenty of talk takes place tonight. The sun connects with Mars, boosting your creativity.

Daily horoscope for Wednesday February 27 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

The moon in Sagittarius encourages you to kick a bad habit today, Cancer. The sun and Mars connect and exciting ideas are shared—this is a great time to link with friends! The moon is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, finding you in a romantic and creatively inspired mood—cute! Exciting shifts take place in your career, too, thanks to the sun's connection with Mars. The sun and Mars meet to bring exciting adventures your way. The moon in Sagittarius brings plenty of conversation your way today, Libra.

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The sun and Mars empower you to tackle a tough situation. The moon in Sagittarius lights up the sector of your chart that rules wealth and abundance today, Scorpio! A bit of excitement and adventure is needed! Spend time by yourself in natural surroundings to bring back the spark in your life.

Lucky number 8.

Colour green. Professional matters demand clarity and attention. You keep things in perspective and handle many issues with ease and speed.


You are seen, noted and heard in meetings and seminars. Lighten up and adopt a playful attitude, as nothing is as bad as it looks. Lucky number 6. Colour blue.

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Ignore ill will from people who are jealous of you. Find a healing outlet for your anger and frustration or you may explode at the wrong time in the wrong place. Don't sweep problems under the proverbial carpet but look at them and face them with courage. Lucky number Colour orange. There is love and joy in personal relationships.

Daily Horoscopes: October 26-27, 12222

Children bring joy. Be light and playful, also remain free and unburdened. This is an important time for growth and change as you emerge as a strong individual, innocent, spontaneous and true to your own being. Colour red. Your Heart tends to be sentimental and sensitive as emotions cloud your vision, not allowing you to see things as they really are.

You can swim easily through troubled waters with your personal charm, warmth and charisma, which disarm most people. October Venus makes love rules fun and partners can start to reconnect fully.

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Your Daily Horoscope For February 27,

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