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However, that bridge must be built within first, and negotiating the different and even contradictory impulses which may emerge in the crucible of the Saturn return will require not just skill but a good deal of lovingkindness. May the insight and wisdom potential of astrology be available to this generation at the threshold, and may we all be open to the uncertainty as if it were ground fertile for our seeds of compassion. Questions about the survey? Please contact Erica Jones at survey realimaginal. Integral Ecology, has pursued astrology since , principally studying archetypal astrology with Richard Tarnas.

Erica incorporates ecological awareness and an engagement with mythopoetic dimensions to promote personal, social and ecological well-being, by synthesizing studies of mythology, depth ecopsychology, dream work and systemic family constellations. You may contact Erica at erica realimaginal. By: 1weaver on March 11, at am. My Capricorn stellum 5 planets was in I canot find any information that related back to that period to clearly explain 5 planets in Capricorn to me.

Sun , Moon, Jupiter Mercury, and Mars. I am still very active in the business world, and have lots of unanswered questions. By: Polly Bauer on March 26, at pm. Polly, you will not find a written explanation of your stellium—or almost any stellium—anywhere. My Stellium Handbook would give you the tools to interpret the sign, house, and planets involved, but you would still have to put the pieces together yourself. Donna Cunningham. By: Donna Cunningham on March 27, at am.

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The 12222 Capricorn Stellium Eclipse

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. People born in — they had started their first saturn return in does that mean they passed through this? People born in with Saturn in Capricorn had their first Saturn return during the Capricorn stellium in — so yes. And the second Saturn Return, with Saturn in Capricorn, is coming up! They say this about every generation. Your generation, which I also wrote about in the past few weeks, has its own significance.

Born and through personal experience I could say I preach compassion patience and kindness even to the ones who try to harm our way of life as well as my worldview which has since childhood and will continue to remain the same. Only working together could we change the ways of life that have brought the world down for a very long time now.

She was born during the Capricorn Stellium I wrote about here. I hope that she, and others like her, will be able to serve as role models for the Pluto in Sag […]. Capricorn is associated with the material world and the structures we create to support it.

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The […]. Here is an important takeaway from that article: […]. Thank you Lynn! I was born with 6 planets in Capricorn 4 in my 5th house I am undergoing my Saturn return right now and its all so bittersweet. This was a great explanation of what is cosmically happening to this Aquarius.

I have a cap stellium in the first house! Sun, Uranus, Neptune, and Mercury! My calling is to help humanity! This was an awesome article to read! This was great! I hope by then I will have some direction! I was born in and have 7 planet stellium in capricorn in the 10th house. I feel so conflicted at times creatively, with self-expression, and with professional development issues.

Your path is likely to unwind and unfold quite a few times over the years — I was 32 when I began my career as an astrologer and often the Saturn Return age brings endings and new beginnings. I hope you will continue to share your journey here! This post is so interesting! I have the stellium uranus, mercury, neptune, saturn, north node in the 4th house.

Summit Preview: Seeing the Capricorn Stellium Through the Eyes of the Heart

Uranus, Murcury, and Neptune are very conjunct, all square my 1st house moon, and ascendent, opposite my MC. Looking back at my childhood and adolescents, is it any wonder I preferred to retreat in a fantasy world? Video games like World of Warcraft which peaked around was a huge addiction for me, and many many others.

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Imagination is my greatest source of success. I was born in 16 january , I have Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Sun and Mercury in my Capricorn ascendant all of the planets are in conjunction pluto. Pluto is in 10th house moon in 2nd house. But still, that is quite a stellium with five Capricorn planets within five degrees!

Sorry my mistake. They are not in conjunction with Pluto, Pluto is in 10th hause Scorpio. Jupiter in 9th house Scorpio. I was born Jan 7th and have the sun, mercury, venus, mars, uranus, and neptune all in the first house in Capricorn.

Capricorn stellium generation - - Real Imaginal Astrology by Erica Jones

Saturn returns are good times to get a reading! The good thing about all that Capricorn is that since Saturn rules all those planets, you are already familiar with his energies and the Saturn return will likely be easier for you than for some others for whom Saturn is more of a stranger. An excellent article. Saturn trines the stellium from my Virgo 12th house. I was born December 26, I understand dynamic energy and I am excited by the awesome generation experiencing their first Saturn return. The World deserves thier energy.

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  8. I am in the midst of Saturn and Pluto transiting my stellium! It means someone will need to work harder to become balanced, but it also means they can really concentrate their energy to get great things accomplished in the area where the stellium occurs.

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    Often, people with a bunch of planets in a single sign will end up really feeling the characteristics of that sign in their psyche. This means I have a lot of potential arrogance working against me that I have to be aware of in order to have good relationships. All of this is true and if I tried to deny it, I would be very out of touch with my core nature. However, if I use my heightened Leo energy for good, it can be a gift. Similarly, my brother has a stellium with his Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Leo. His core personality, his communication, and his passion will all be fiery as a result. He has a loud voice, easily lands leadership positions, and communicates confidently.

    His passion comes across clearly without inhibitions from that Mars influence as well. Both he and I tend to work all the time, which is a typical imbalance seen when a stellium occurs.